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Getting Involved on DA, Vol. 1: Features
Community Week
Many of us want to be involved in our DeviantArt community beyond the act of submitting artwork to our galleries. We may want to get more deeply involved because we just love art, because we want to make friends on the website, or even to just generate more traffic to our profiles.
Many people have asked me, HOW do I get more involved? My first answer is always: JOURNAL FEATURES! Why? Because, what better way to say "your work is awesome" than to plaster their deviation in your journal for everyone to see. Even after over ten years on DA, I still get a little thrill at seeing my art in someone else's journal. Taking the time to recognize another's achievement only helps to boost community spirit. Unfortunately, when I mention a journal feature to someone, I often get one of these common responses:
"I would do journal features, but I'm not popular enough."
"I would do journal features, but I'm not good enough at my own art to feature someone else's
:iconjenfruzz:JenFruzz 45 67
Drawing with MSpaint
To a lot of people, Ms Paint is just an unprofessional software which we use as a kid but there are many elements to Ms Paint that we can use to create masterpieces. 
- put pinky on 'ctrl' and middle finger on 'z'. ctrl+z= undo so you don't have to click every time
- ctrl + y = redo
1) The first little hack is what I like to call the 'epic shading trick'
so here I used the circle tool thingy to draw a circle and filled it in with pink. 

Now for the properties of Color 1 and Color 2:
Color 1: the original color
Color 2: the color you want to change it to

Now here is the magical part: with the Eraser tool, right click and draw all over the circle:

You can see that the red did not go outside the lines
This technique is extremely useful because you can color in lineart, shade, highlight, erase, etc. 
2) If you don't ha
:iconplexusdynasty:plexusdynasty 45 29
Contest Coming Soon!
Hello everyone, Zeta here.
I, as well as a few others, have been busy with school as of late
and have not had any time to organize a contest.
But now with finals ending this week we can finally host a new contest!!! :D
SO without any further ado~
ALL-ART-4-EVER 's Contest is coming soon and we are currently gathering Prize Donations; points, commissions, llamas and other badges are all acceptable!
Please comment here if you want to donate a prize :D
Current Donations:
○ Commission from OrionisZetainc
○ Commission and llama from ZimmyRose
○ Portrait Commission from darkredmaplesword  
○ Chibi Commission (Female character only) and llama from xMayuu
○ Llama from dragonheather
○ Chibi Commission and llama from Chi-nna
○ Llama, watch and :+fav:'s from Keksi626
○ Commission from MissZas
○ Chibi Commission from PC-27
○ Portrait Commission from Tora-Sayo
○ Llama and 5 :+fav:'s from JutaWi
○ Chib
:iconall-art-4-ever:ALL-ART-4-EVER 13 133
Getting Your Art Seen: Placement
Community Week
Groups aren't doing it for you, the thumbshare forum isn't doing it for you, the sharezone dAmn chat isn't doing it for you... You want someone to look at your art. After all, that's why you post it.
How many times has each of us thought that our postings are getting buried by others? Let's face it: there are over 32,000,000 accounts on this site, and 160,000 pieces are uploaded every day.
One thing to consider is where you're putting your work.
Don't I want to put it in the most popular section of the site?
Not really. I know that the first impulse is to put your work right where you think everyone's going to see it immediately. But with 160,000 works posted per day, if everyone posts it all in "digital" or "
:iconroguemudblood:RogueMudblood 98 35
Comfortable introspection by VictorFota Comfortable introspection :iconvictorfota:VictorFota 109 19 Oazis by kos1604 Oazis :iconkos1604:kos1604 74 10
A Brief Guide to Illustration
Art in the Professions
So, what is Illustration & what do Illustrators do?
Illustration is: commercial art! That means an illustrator is an artist who does work for money. They take on commissions and follow briefs set out by their clients to create a piece of work with a purpose.
Illustration is: storytelling! Book covers, movie posters, CD/DVD cover art, graphic novels, children & picture book illustrations, magazine & newspaper editorials, concept art, character design & storyboarding all fall into the category of illustration. Illustrative art is art with a narrative element, so a piece can either be one stand alone image or run as several in a cohesive set.
There are degrees in Illustration and while they may not teach you a great deal about art, you will learn how to work and conduct yourself in the industry. It’s not necessary to have one of these degrees to be an Illustrator; however, it can h
:iconcoffin-rabbit:Coffin-Rabbit 83 22
Goodbye! Aikou's leaving soon...
Hey, guys. I've been thinking about this for a while.
I'm going to leave AA4E. I'm never on dA anymore, and I feel like it's unfair to you guys to have an inactive founder when someone else could be picking up the pace.
I'm really, REALLY sad to go. I've been here since the group was made. I watched us grow, develop a supportive community, hold contests, raffles, a chatroom, re-design the page every 5 minutes because I have OCD... It's like leaving a family to me. I love you guys so much and I love taking care of the group and helping people out.
I'm not leaving just because I'll be inactive a lot... because leaving a group I helped build seems a little overkill for that. d: No, it's because of other personal things, especially depression. I can't be around all the time when I'm so stressed out and sad, and I feel like I need a break for a while. I can't sleep at night, I'm constantly anxious. Some really bad things happened recently. My papa (grandpa) passed away from cancer, I had a
:iconall-art-4-ever:ALL-ART-4-EVER 8 124
Liberosis by Socha-Nyx Liberosis :iconsocha-nyx:Socha-Nyx 115 0 the bird of destruction, yveltal by Marl1nde the bird of destruction, yveltal :iconmarl1nde:Marl1nde 68 130 A new dawn by DamaiMikaz A new dawn :icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 2,172 181 BleachX Chapter 17. SMASH The Legion 2 by Tommo2304 BleachX Chapter 17. SMASH The Legion 2 :icontommo2304:Tommo2304 34 10 Built from earth, driven by stars by VictorFota Built from earth, driven by stars :iconvictorfota:VictorFota 53 3 PI-ToAT by VictorFota PI-ToAT :iconvictorfota:VictorFota 5 0 PPG Chapter 2 page 57 by RossoWinch PPG Chapter 2 page 57 :iconrossowinch:RossoWinch 41 25


WilhelmTheloniousF's Profile Picture
Wilhelm Thelonious Fruck
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi, I'm your below-average fourth year pharmacy student.
I started scribbling to kill time when I repeated my first year. During the summer between my first and second year I started "really" drawing, having poor time management skills, and very few free time, along with my conception of being an artist, learning how to draws isn't part of my plan, which explains my dank drawing level.

I usually take a couple weeks to reply because you know ... "social anxiety".



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